About me

My awakened journey began back in 2007. I immersed myself in courses and workshops. Hungry for knowledge and self discovery. Every course that asked me to write my passion or purpose I always wrote: to support others on their journey.

In 2007 I took acupressure, that led to taking Reiki which followed with Craniosacral.  My desire to support others to heal.  

My journey then expanded to yoga. I started to practice yoga and fell in love with the way I felt during the practice and after stepping off my mat. Within 2 years of starting my yoga practice I was signed up for yoga teacher training.  I never knew if I would teach but I knew I had to do it. 100 hours in Costa Rica. Whoa. Life wouldn’t be the same. My teachers were both life coaches and they guided me and the group through some amazing inquiry. It was like a can of worms was opened and my curiosity expanded.

I am deeply passionate about teaching yoga. Connecting with students, guiding them to push themselves, creating fun and expanding classes. The opportunity to stretch bodies and minds. Guiding asana and introducing students to inquire on their mat, beyond the physical practice. I always ask students, “what does your heart desire?” Inspiring them that anything and everything is possible. Create space to call in what you want to feel and experience.


For 18 years I worked in the dental profession. I disliked it beyond expression. What kept me there you ask? My fear of not having enough. My dental career offered me a set paycheque, a place to go to each week with a known outcome.  I didn’t have the courage to leave and not know what I would be doing next. I didn’t have the trust that I would be supported in other ways. How would I live without that known paycheque? Dental “pays me well”, as if it's all about the money (eye roll)

It was safe. I was comfortable. HA! I always told my students your comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be. I was a walking contradiction.

I wanted to be working with students and clients beyond wellness treatments and yoga. I wanted to coach students to support them to create the life they desired living … yet I wasn’t even doing that myself.

In 2016 when I was so so so bored with my life and unhappy with how I was showing up (or lack of showing up!) I asked for support and I listened to the nudges and whispers when sweet spirit advised me to go travel. Thus began my journey in Bali...



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