This is Bali

In 2016, I courageously asked for an extended four week holiday and booked a trip I had been dreaming of for years – to Bali.


I quickly learned that the Bali gods delivered exactly what was needed for my soul's evolution.  I received support for my growth and expansion from other travellers I met, the classes I attended and the healers I aligned with along the way.

I experienced huge amounts of shame, many ah-ha’s and lots of ideas to shift the lifestyle I was living that was not aligned with my ideals. 

I can remember being driven home after visiting healers and I would be crying with the realization of how unaligned in my western ways I was. It was during a sacred geometry meditation when I channelled a strong vision of quitting my job, stretching my possibilities and stepping out of fear.

What does your true purpose look like?

Bali rocked my world. It's as if it decalcified all the bs stories I was hanging onto. All the bs ideals that were not mine. It was like …  I came home a whole new vibration and my soul aligned with my human and the journey I signed up for in this lifetime, in this bodysuit during this time on earth. 

Ready, like actually ready to support others. My experiences and tools I gained offered me the capacity I require to really support others. 

Upon my return home I thanked my boss for the time off and advised him I would be retiring in 6 months.

The lifestyle I live now is beyond what I ever imagined… because that’s life. It is going to unfold in ways we can’t even imagine in our human mind in this moment.  My best learning in the year after Bali was two things: get out of my own way and Divine plans will unfold as I never ever imagined.

Getting aligned

I’ve retired from my soul-sabotaging career and I am focused on me and what I need to be doing for my soul's evolution.  I feel beyond blessed that in this journey I have the intuitive gifts and supportive qualities to support and guide others to live their life aligned with their truths and their deepest desires.

My way to support clients is to listen with deep intention to where they are at, what they desire, what they think is holding them back and to support them to create the opportunities + possibilities to align it all.

Getting in touch with their truths and ideals. The courage to grow beyond self - sabotaging limiting ways and to know that everything for them is possible.

I offer a safe and sacred space to lean in, teach self supportive practices and hold clients accountable.  

Upon my return home, I thanked my boss for the time off and said I would be retiring in 6 months.

Who knows what's waiting for you?
Do you believe you can live the life you deeply desire?

BEYOND a yoga retreat

This is an adventure offering experience, stillness and possibilities. Together our intimate group will journey in Bali, with our focus on self inquiry + healing. We will experience ceremonies, purifications, temples and healers. This adventure requires Trust and Surrender.

Does your soul hear the call?  Stay out of your own way, follow your feelings and listen closely to the whispers of your heart.

Ubud, Bali, October 19-25 2018. Starting at $2222
What's included:
• 6 nights accommodation
• Daily yoga + meditation
• 3 day trip adventures
• Breakfasts + some other meals
• Group coaching sessions

A non-refundable deposit of $555 is required to hold your space. Remaining balance is due one month prior to the adventure. Does not include your flights, travel insurance, some meals and airport transfers.

You will receive support for completing your travel arrangements, airport transfers and such.  The group will be small and intimate. Creating a safe and sacred opportunity for you to be supported throughout the week.

Hear the call? Let’s chat to confirm alignment of your attendance.



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